First Grade Classroom

It’s back to school time here in Texas. This school year is an exciting one for us. My mom is now teaching at our local elementary school. Being close has been so much fun.  We worked together...

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Easter Egg Dinner Conversations

Do you ask your kids, “How was your day?” and get the same non-enthusiastic response?  They never go into detail about their day and leave you wanting to know more.   Well, we decided to...

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Painting Birthday Party

This year Payton wanted a Trolls party for her seventh birthday.  She is crazy about the new Trolls movie and the main character, Poppy, is her to a T.  She is a no-personal-space, hugging, happy...

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Lunch Box Jokes

These lunch box jokes have become the talk of the lunchroom. I started writing notes in the girls' lunchboxes when they were in preschool (even wrote about it a couple years ago here). When Taylor learned to read, I started writing little jokes. Now, 3 years later, I still write a joke... every day. Apparently their boxes get passed around the table because everyone wants to read the joke of the day.

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