Football Season Mantel

Posted by Jennifer | On: Sep 15 2011

Football takes over our house this time of year.  I thought it was fitting to create a football themed mantel.  Of course, we had to represent both of our teams – the Bulldawgs (the high school team my husband coaches) and the Texas Longhorns!

Found an old green frame and added simple vinyl lines and numbers to create this football frame:

My first attempt at stenciling letters:

Painted a piece of wood and had coach draw a play:

Texas Fight Song Subway Art:

8 thoughts on “Football Season Mantel

  1. Katie D.

    Very cute! My husband LOVES football (of course, we are Falcons fans:o) and I would love to use some football stuff to decorate with. But usually when people use it, it looks like the Fan Shop threw up all over their house. This is the first time I’ve seen something cute using it. I love it!

  2. Sarah

    So I popped in on your blog when I saw your menu board in a Google images search. And, OH, I love this mantel! 1) A football mantel is such a cute idea, 2) your creativity rocks and 3) I am a Texas alumni!! This gets five stars in my book! Love love love. I’m stoked to be your newest follower. I’m over at if you’re interested. Best.


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