Grandparent Wooden Sign

Posted by Jennifer | On: Apr 10 2015

I found this idea via Pinterest (follow me) and decided to customize a sign for the grandparents for a Christmas gift last year.  I am definitely not a free-hand writer – I cut the phrase out of vinyl and used them as a template to paint over.  It’s a fun idea to customize phrases that match your grandparents’ style.  Here are the rules my kids enjoy at Ma and Pa’s house:


Bluebonnet Session Tips

Posted by Jennifer | On: Apr 09 2015


The bluebonnets have bloomed and it’s time to capture this Texas tradition! Here are a few tips to prepare for your session:

Watch your step! We will be in a field of tall grass – which inevitably has creatures. Ants especially like the bluebonnet fields. Also watch for the bluebonnets (they will be everywhere!). We’ll try to follow the tire tracks, so we don’t trample the beautiful fields of blue.

Arrive on time. The mini sessions are 20 minutes. I’m scheduled back-to-back so it’s important we get started right on time. Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes early to make sure you are ready to go.

Encourage the kids to use the restroom before you arrive. We’ll be in a field… in the country.

Dress comfortably. Again, we will be in a field of tall grass, which can be itchy. Pants and closed toed shoes are recommended but wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

Let’s have fun! While I will give some instruction on where to sit/stand, I don’t like to force a smile. Don’t stress if your kiddos aren’t looking at the camera. I’ll still be able to get plenty of photos. Kids seem to do best when we aren’t stressed about getting a perfect pose.

April Fools

Posted by Jennifer | On: Apr 01 2015

Taylor has been looking forward to April Fool’s Day after reading Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #19 where the girls solve an April Fool’s mystery.  I decided to surprise her with a little lunchbox mix-up. She thought it was pretty funny.


Chips in the sandwich container, sandwich in a fruit snack box, oranges in the chip bag, peanut butter balls in a Rice Crispy wrapper. Fruit snacks in the Skittles and Skittles in the fruit snacks wrapper.  I sealed all of the bags/wrappers back together with double sided tape.

Hope you had a fun April Fool’s Day too!

Oregon Football Fan Cake

Posted by Jennifer | On: Mar 27 2015

My nephew is a football fanatic.  He loves playing the sport and cheering on his favorite teams (he has a lot of favorites).  This year he wanted an Oregon Ducks cake.


I used the Wilton football cake pan for the football part.  You only need to bake one cake in the football mold.  Cutting it in half and matching back together, made half of a 3D football.  The bottom layer is a round cake covered in fondant and cut to curl along the top to make the exploding effect.


Easy Cake Decorating with Kids

Posted by Jennifer | On: Mar 05 2015

This week we celebrated my dad’s birthday.  The girls wanted to help decorate the cake, so we tried something new. I traced their handwriting and drawings to make chocolate decorations.


Here’s how we did it: 

Write a message with marker on paper. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the drawings (wax paper would work too).  Trace the designs with melted chocolate.  I used a piping bag with #3 tip.  Carefully transport the parchment paper into the freezer.  Once the chocolate is hard, you can pickup each of the pieces and arrange on the cake.

What a fun way to personalize a cake for grandparents, mom or dad!