Back to School Photo Shoot

Posted by jennifer | On: Aug 27 2014

The summer has flown by and we are diving into a new school year with lots of changes.  New schools, new job (husband) and new city. So far the transition has been great and we look forward to a fun year.

Back to School Photo Shoot

Back to School Photo Shoot

I wanted to document the book series that Taylor (age 6) just loves.  Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books are great reads.  I love to see the excitement when she thinks she’s solved the mystery.  I’ve mentioned other book series that we have read.  Luckily there are tons of books in the Nancy Drew series, so we are set for a while!

Book Series Young Girls

Homemade Moon Dough

Posted by jennifer | On: Aug 27 2014

Have you tried making moon dough?  Definitely a Pinterest success!  It only takes 2 ingredients – shaving cream (Dollar Tree kind worked for us) and cornstarch.   Mixing the cornstarch and shaving cream was pretty messy so I would recommend doing this outside.  Here is the recipe I found on Pinterest…. the link is not working though.

Homemade Moon Dough

Make Your Own Piñata

Posted by jennifer | On: Jun 26 2014

We are reliving some of my childhood memories this summer.  One project I remember doing with my brothers is piñata making.  At 4 and 6 years old, my girls had no problem doing this project all on their own.  Granite, we made a pretty big mess, but it was worth it to see their excitement when they got to smash open their own piñata creation.

Make Your Own Piñata Supplies:

A balloon (one per pinata)Flour
Containers to mix the paste
Old Newspapers
String and/or rope
Candy and Fun Surprises to fill the piñatas

Step One:  Tear newspaper into strips.  About 2 inches in width is ideal, but I just let them tear it however they wanted.


Step 2:  In a container, mix flour and water.  Yep, that’s it!  Add water until it is a little thinner than paste consistency.

Step 3: Blow up a balloon to the size that you want your piñata.

Step 4:  Dip your strips of newspaper into the mixture, getting off the excess with your fingers.  Lay the coated strips over your balloon.

You’ll want to cover the balloon completely.  We started with the balloons on the table and ended up hanging them so it was easier to work with (this also helped with the drying process).  The more layers of paper you add, the harder it will be to break open.  We did about 3 layers.  The last layer, we used some thin packing paper so it would hide the newspaper print in case they want to color on the piñata.


This is definitely a messy activity….


Step 5:  Let it dry.  This was the hardest part for the girls.  We let it dry overnight.  It probably needed 2 days to dry (they used a lot of paste on the newspaper.  Thinner coats would dry much faster.  We sped up the drying process a little the next day by using a hair dryer.

Step 6: Pop the balloon. 


Step 7:  Decorate!  We used streamers but the decorating possibilities are endless!


Step 8:  Fill with candy and break it open.  I didn’t let them see the candy and small toys that I got to put inside, so there was some element of surprise when they broke them open.  Best part – they each got to hit as many times as they wanted and break it open all by themselves.

2014-06-26_0007 2014-06-26_0008

They were so proud of their finished product.  The excitement of breaking into your very own piñata was priceless!


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Kindergarten Graduation Photo Session

Posted by jennifer | On: Jun 25 2014

Our oldest daughter is a kindergarten graduate!  I had fun with a little backdrop photo session in our garage.  My mom had saved my high school cap and gown -  which came in very handy to document the end of her kindergarten year.  She had a wonderful teacher and such a fun year that she wasn’t really looking forward to summer. First grade here we come!


2014-06-16_0015 2014-06-17_0001

Dinosaur World

Posted by jennifer | On: Jun 25 2014

Dinosaur World is located in Glen Rose, TX, near Dinosaur Valley State Park (but completely separate).  You wander through a paved trail and see over 100 life-size dinosaurs.


In addition to the walking trail, there are a couple of activities for kids.  They have large sand pit where you can uncover dinosaur bones by brushing/digging in the sand.  There was also a Fossil Dig where you can pan for fossils. The kids pick their 3 favorite to take home.  Walking through the park and doing the fossil dig took less than 2 hours.  There are several other parks in the area that we plan to visit next time we are in Glen Rose, TX. 2014-06-25_0002

Texas Bluebonnets

Posted by jennifer | On: Jun 17 2014

I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering photography sessions in the Gatesville, Copperas Cove areas.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some of my photography sessions that I have done recently.  If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me.

Texas Bluebonnet Sessions

I took these photos a few months ago when the bluebonnets were in bloom.  Taking pictures in the bluebonnets is a Texas thing – just one of those spring traditions.  We were luck to have a huge field of bluebonnets this year, thanks to a good friend!

2014-06-17_0002 2014-06-16_0009 2014-06-16_0013

Texas Wedding | Burlap and Lace

Posted by blogstomp | On: Jun 04 2014

I was honored to help with the details of Ashlyn and Brandon’s special day. I’m happy to share some of the details of this beautiful day.


Wedding Details | Burlap and Lace

This was a special gift I made for the bride and groom. I took the bible verses that the wedding shower guests shared here and put them into a book with their engagement pictures. This was used as the guest sign in.

Wedding Details | Burlap and Lace

The Invitation
Wedding Details | Burlap and Lace
I am now offering invitation planning and design consultations for brides looking to create unique, one-of-a kind invitations, favors, programs, or any wedding details. Please contact me for pricing.